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In the world of medical device suppliers, transparency isn't always the norm. Hidden fees, opaque pricing structures, and a lack of customer support can leave clinicians feeling frustrated and underserved. 


It was this realisation that drove James Allsop, co-founder of MED7, to envision a different kind of supplier – one built on transparency, integrity, and a genuine commitment to supporting clinicians in their mission to help patients.


With over 40 years of experience in the medical device industry, James had seen firsthand the challenges faced by clinicians when it came to sourcing equipment and support for their practices. He observed that many suppliers prioritized list prices and profit margins over the needs of their customers, leaving small business owners feeling disenchanted and disillusioned.


James recognized that hidden costs, particularly servicing fees, were a significant source of frustration for clinicians. Despite the initial allure of low list prices, the reality often involved unexpected expenses down the line, eroding trust and straining budgets. 


This lack of transparency not only hindered the ability of clinicians to provide quality care but also created barriers to accessing essential services for patients.


Driven by a desire to change this status quo, James founded MED7 with a clear vision in mind – to create a supplier that clinicians could trust, rely on, and feel supported by. At the heart of this vision was a commitment to transparency in pricing, service, and support.


By offering free servicing on all products, MED7 aimed to eliminate the uncertainty and hidden costs that often accompany medical device purchases. Clinicians could rest assured knowing that their equipment would be well-maintained without the fear of unexpected expenses.


Similarly, the decision to provide round-the-clock product support and free CPD training stemmed from a belief in the importance of ongoing education and assistance for clinicians. James understood that emergencies don't adhere to regular business hours and that access to timely support could make all the difference in delivering quality care to patients.


In essence, James Allsop's vision for MED7 was born out of a desire to create a more transparent, customer-centric supplier for the sports rehabilitation and recovery industry. By prioritising integrity, honesty, and support, MED7 aims to empower clinicians to focus on what matters most – helping their patients recover and thrive.


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